A New Reason to ‘Be Brave”

Boise High School has a lot of reasons to be proud and brave.  After all, we ARE Boise High, home of the Braves!  We believe the strong feeling of community we share today should stay with us for all our lives, and not just until our caps fly on graduation day.  That’s why the Boise Brave Parents, a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing the school environment, is extending a warm welcome home to ALL BHS alumni near and far who would like to rekindle those familial ties, or to just say a friendly, “Hello!” – or, share news from afar.

We have created the web site to make it happen: boisebraves.org is where students, parents and alumni can go to get all the latest news, events and information about Boise High School and the people who are dedicated to making it the best.

But, we need your help…

We need to get the word out.  We want our alumni to feel welcome, and we want to get to know them again!  We are hoping that with your help, we can make them feel comfortable signing on to our site and telling us about themselves.  What year did they graduate?  Where are they now?  What have they been up to?  What’s their favorite memory of BHS? Stuff like that.  Also, we would really like their thoughts on activities and events to get alumni involved.  Things such as tailgate parties and homecoming barbecues.

We want them to know about all of the money we have raised for technology and classroom accessories.  Grant monies for BlueTooth wireless Writer Pads and Clicker sets.  Money for other areas of academics, athletics and activities.

Won’t you help us?  Please contact Communications@BoiseBraves.org for more information.

Help us find our “lost Braves” and make them proud again!