Even in the best of times,  there isn’t enough money available from the Boise School District for Boise High School (BHS) faculty and staff to buy all of the materials, supplies, and equipment they need to provide the top shelf academics, activities, and athletics the school is known for.

One of the most important things that Boise Brave Parents does is raise funds to support a wide variety of programs that play a vital role in maintaining BHS’s ranking in the top 5% of American High Schools by the Washington Post.  Click here for the article.

During the 2016-2017 school year, Boise Brave Parents provided over $29,000 to fund programs and to purchase items including a new PA system, security system for main entrances, weight room equipment, TI calculators, and a clay mixing machine.  Click here to see the complete list for the school year.

Boise Brave Parents has been successful in raising funds to support BHS programs for nearly 30 years thanks to the help of generous individuals and businesses in the community that realize that having a high school the caliber of BHS located within blocks of the state Capitol brings a wealth of benefits to Boise and to Idaho.

Thank you for your support of BHS and Boise Brave Parents.  Rest assured that your contributions will be dedicated to furthering the BHS motto and mission “committed to excellence”!

For additional fundraising event information, please visit the link, below: