The Boise High School Fundraising Gala happens only every other year. The Spring 2019 event is a parent organized fundraiser that will help Boise High remain a top high school in the U.S. Funds raised go directly to Boise High School program needs that are not met by the school district.  The successes in the past have allowed Boise High to make improvements and to purchase large scale items that would otherwise not be afforded. These resources are available to school staff through a grant process to help them cover costs for athletics, art, academics  and other activities.


Funds are raised through a variety of auctions that are online and at the event. Items are donated from local businesses, Boise High supporters, faculty, and even the students. Donations are essential to the success of this event. If you have an item, service, or creative ideas that could help, please visit the DONATE or SPONSOR page for further information.

The Event

The Gala is typically an evening event that takes place at a location that can accommodate approximately 250-300 parents, alumni, faculty, and Boise High supporters. It is a fun-filled evening of dinner, cocktails, entertainment, and dancing.

Date: 2019 TBD