Where does your money go?

The Boise Braves Parents fund raise to support the Boise High School community.  We do this by providing funds to school programs which are not otherwise supported through the Boise School District.  These include funds for the Character Education program, MAC (Math Assistance Center), a Student Assistance fund to help students who struggle financially, academic awards, and through a grant award process to support the 3A’s of Boise High, Academics, Athletics and Activities.  To see our annual budget BBP Budget 2016-17.

How are funds granted to the 3 A’s?

Each year the Boise Brave Parents notify all faculty members and coaches of our granting timeline, through the administration and the Brave Weekly.  Faculty members and coaches must submit a grant application to apply for funding.  A subcommittee reviews each application to verify need and determine the best use of funds to benefit the majority of BHS student body in each of the 3 A’s.  The final recommendations are then sent to the board for final decision.  To see our annual grants click here Grants 2017.

Where does this money come from?

It comes from generous members, donors, alumni, faculty and parents just like you!   Parents and the Boise Brave Parent Board raise these funds through membership and special events.  You can donate to the Boise Brave Parents at any time, just click here!

What are the criteria? 

Instructional materials and equipment are eligible.  Items funded by the Brave Parents become the property of Boise High.  Items which may be funded by the Boise School District, disposable items, and teacher training, stipends or salaries are not eligible.

How much money was donated to BHS?

This year, the Brave Parents have given at total of $16,489.86 in grant funding and another $2,000 to Friends of Boise Schools to support the upcoming bond election that has direct impact on BHS facilities and students.